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2 SSD on HP Proliant Microserver Gen8


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Hi there,


I've built a Xpenology machine with a HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 G1610T (nothing too fancy).


Since I'm using it for photography workfow I'd be interrested enabling the SSD Cache featured in DSM.

As far as I can tell, Read/Write SSD Cache requires 2 SSD (managed as a RAID1 volume in DSM).


So my question is : How can I mount 2 SSDs in my machine without using a HDD bay.


I think there is a free SATA port on the motherboard. But I'll probably miss one ? Is there a solution ? I don't know how the optical drive's connected, but maybe I can use that ?

Also I think there is a free molex connector somewhere. Is there a way to power 2 SSD out of this ?


For those who have enabled and used SSD Cache. Are performance way better ?

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You need 2 SSDs if you cache read AND write. This article should help you out: SSD Cache

You can mount SSD anywhere, just use double sided tape or something, they have no moving parts in them.

If you're short of SSD ports on motherboard, your only solutions are either to buy a HBA card, a SATA card or buy a new motherboard with more SATA ports.


A MOLEX to SATA power Y splitter - didn't know these things exist. Appearantly, they do.

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If you want to do a more solid job you could take a look at this jump to 9:05ish to avoid some waffle >



There are production versions now which are much more refined details here http://homeservershow.com/hp-microserver-gen8-drive-bracket.html.


If you're not going to be moving the machine about then the double sided tape option should be fine.

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Actually I don't mind taping the SSDs inside. SSD are way tougher than mechanical HDD.


My question is more about connecting them. I have a spare SATA port so that won't be enough I think.

So a PCI Raid Card ? I don't know how to find one that is compatible (I don't need Hardware RAID just good AHCI) and assurance DSM will handle it.

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Hi @kouignamann,


I have the same Gen8, I was wondering if you had problem with rebooting once the SSD is installed.


I've suffering bad experience trying to install those.


When I install the SSD and turn my server its keep in loop rebooting :sad: also I tried in the different port (SATA).


If I connect the SSD while a server is on, it installs perfectly but after few minutes its reboot too.


Does anybody had the same experience and got this problem solved?



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SSD caching isn't only about throughput but also for often accessed files/data. It's a kind of "intelligent" cache. But to be honest: a simple Gbit Ethernet connection isn't enough to reach the max. possible thoughput of such system.

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I have a MS G8 on my office, 3 to 5 people using the NAS.

I use one Intel SSD for read cache, two Seagate 4Tb 7k2rpm and a 2Tb 7k2rpm drives.

The SSD cache made a big difference for reading small files, but we also write hundreds os small files all time, and the save times are becoming very large as the projects grows.


I just ordered another Intel SSD and a HP P212 Raid card. Soon I will have enought ports to play with my drives.


I will show you the differences.

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