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Every disk crashes


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I have DSM 6.2.3-25426 update 3. I have problems with disk chrashes all the time. Every few days volume 1 (here I run docker and cointainers) crashes, ther is no bad sectors, disk is ok. After restart DSM everything is ok. But after few days disk crashes agian. I tried with 3 new disk, happens again on every of them where is docker installed. So disk is not faulty. Tried different DSM image - again disk crashes.

What can be wrong ?

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These are guesses-


  Lack of RAM-  16GB would be my personal minimum


  BIOS settings- disable serial ports, disable SATA hot plug, Enable CSM using legacy, enable- Other OS


  Use new Sata cables- had a bad one and had the same port drop the raid twice due to the cable


I haven't used AMD in this setting, but it should be similar.   If it does UEFI, try the 918+ and see if it does the same thing- use UEFI in the bios.


  I doubt it is the drives if it is showing no errors or disconnects- check drive health in Storage manager.  

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