Multiple Crashing disks and Degraded Volumes...

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Over weekend one of the disks in my NAS crashed. It was a single disk (1.5TB WD Green)volume (Volume3) that was used for downloads and as a TimeMachine backup destination. No biggie, backup what I could, wiped it and tested it. It tested OK so I reinstalled it and started the initialization this morning. It is now reporting as crashed again!?! Also one of the 3TB WD RED dirves in the SHR array of Volume1 is reporting as crashed and volume 1 is degraded.


At the end of last week we did have some issues with power but the NAS is plugged into a large APC UPS and should have been insulated from any issues. I am looking for any ideas for anything that might be causing the disk issues other than failing drives. I am planning on checking all the cables and seeing if there is any common component between the two failed disks. I am using 4 SATA ports on the MB and a PCIe 4 port SATA card.


If it is the add-in SATA card can I swap it out with any other card without causing problems with volume1 or do I have to find an exact replacement?


Does anyone have any other ideas?

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I would check the logs for any disk I/O errors before and after the brownout. Is the NAS connected to the UPS in Control Panel (ie via attached USB or SNMP UPS) and did it react to the brownout?

Its not unknown for a PSU to suffer problems when a UPS cuts over, maybe you got a 'power transfer' problem and although the NAS didnt shut down there has been some sort of surge issue thats upset the system.

Are the two 'bad' drives on the native SATA or the add on card? If the latter then the card might be dodgy.

As you suggest, I would test all cables and connectors

Regarding swapping controllers, I have swapped drives between SIL, SYBA and Marvel based cards and provided all the disks are seen ok in bios and XPE drivers are there, XPE/DSM do their 'magic' and RAIDs/Volumes are all seen ok.

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DO NOT use WD Greens in NAS's :!:

WD Greens are absolute crap, which is why they're very cheap. They are meant for very mild usage, certainly not for NAS's and/or 24/7 usage.

They are good for old people who rarely use the computer or kiosks where there is no data on-site, temp drives or something like that.


If you value your data that is on the disk, don't put it on a WD Green drive.


PS :!: I don't have anything against WD. It's just you get what you pay for. And I don't say that just by looking at the price. I have had many Greens die in NAS's, so I have first hand knowledge and I've read similar stories online. And when you check what's the purpose of Green drives, you'll understand why they die.

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I agree about the WD Greens. That is why it was used for downloads and junk files. It looks like both problem drives are plugged into the SATA card. After shutting it down, checking all connections and restarting it was able to repair the RED drive. The GREEN is still showing as crashed.


**EDIT** - I don't know what is going on with this box. The drives have always showed as 1,3,9,10,11, and 12 in Storage Manager. 1 and 3 were the first two giving me problems and were both plugged into the SATA card. I unplugged 1 and everything was OK. Now It is showing 3 as 1 and thinks 3 and 12 are missing?!?


**EDIT 2** - I reconnected 1 and it has now sorted out disks 1 and 3. 1 is showing as unused and 3 is blue in storage manager. However 12 is showing as unused (green) so Volume 1 (disks 3,9,10,11,12) is showing as crashed. With 3,9,10, and 11 still there I would think it would be degraded but still available and I should be able to add 12 back to Volume 1. Volume 1 is showing as empty and none of my data is accessible!?!



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that sounds pretty catastrophic, I hope you have a backup.

You might be 'lucky' and be able to get DSM to reassemble the SHR.

I had a similar problem as you when I lost 3 drives from an SHR1, due to bad connections.

I connected all the drives to a new mobo and controller, booted up (making sure all drives were showing in the bios and controller) and Storage Manager reassembled the array.

Aside from that, if you dont have spare hardware, I would check the bios, reset to defaults, then make the changes needed for XPE/DSM to work. Also replace the add on controller

Good luck!

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Yeah it was a bad night, the more I tried to figure out the worse it got. I have shut it down for now and the new DS1815+ should be here Friday. I'm hoping that the new hardware will be able to reassemble the volume. If not I am going to try to read the data using Ubuntu.


My initial guess is that the power issues zapped either the MB, SATA card or PSU. that is the only way I can explain the weird jumping around of the problem.

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