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cannot format system partition


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I'm trying the new trantor repack 1.0 on esxi. I converted the .img to .VMDK using Starwind convertor and added this as an existing disk.


I get the error as someone described in the forum:


. Went and selected to "install DSM from my computer or installation disk" but got an error "An error occurred during installation. The telnet service of Diskstation is turned ON for error determination. Please configure your router to forward port 23 to Diskstation, and then contact synology online support. (21)". AND "Synology Assistant" gave partition format error and Error 22 at re-boot. Disk size was too small (used 64GB. 2000GB was subsequently ok).


What should I do exactly to get past the format error? I don't know how I can edit the disk size.


Thx in advance,


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