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removed disk, only 801,57Gb like external disk


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If using windows, using diskpart will allow you to clean the drive of its partition data and restore the drive to its full unused capacity; you just need to ensure you use the following:


List Disk; this will show all the disks attached to the windows machine... you should find your drive here geenrally by looking at the id number or comparing it to the phyiscals one that the PC runs on

Select Disk xx( this will be the disk you saw above)

List Partition (this will show you the partitions on the disk. Depending on whether you where using Hybrid Raid or not you will have a large number of partitions. I think the first partition should generally about 2gb big as that is DSM install location)

Clean; run this only when you are certain that the disk is the right one as this will clean ALL the partition data from it.


You can always use disk management too for this task which is more visual but you have to delete all partitions manually.


in Linux, there is gparted which is similar to disk management.

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