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DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5


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So who did the updare?


Updated Firewall filter policy to fix a security vulnerability caused by stack-based buffer overflow (CVE-2015-7547). This fix may impact read/write performance on the following models by no more than 15%, for which Synology is working on an enhancement in the future release.

  • 16-series: DS216se
  • 15-series: DS115j
  • 14-series: EDS14, DS114, DS214se, RS214, DS414slim
  • 13-series: DS213j, DS213air, DS213, DS413j
  • 12-series: DS112, DS112 , DS112j, DS212, DS212j, DS212 , RS212, RS812
  • 11-series: DS111, DS211, DS211 , DS211j, DS411, DS411slim, DS411j, RS411
  • 10-series: DS110j, DS210j, DS410j


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I just did the update 5 within control panel's automatic download and update.


It did not require rebooting the system. And I tried to access the NAS it worked.


Then I reboot the system and it worked. So it is safe.


I am using XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5.


Hardware Setup: mobo Asus J1900I-C, 4G SO-DIMM, HD Seagate 1T ST1000DM003

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Hi guys


I have the DSM up with bootloader XPEnoboot DS3615xs5.2-5644.4. There is an update from Synology which I can do directly inside DSM (I am already on U3 or U4 don't remember it). I have actually see there is a new bootloader called XPEnoboot DS3615xs5.2-5644.5. I think this is a different update and it is not related to the DSM, right?



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you are correct, the XPE point releases are updates to the boot loader to fix issues or add features. Provided you are within the same DSM version you can (usually) just upgrade your XPE boot loader and carry on. You can apply then apply your DSM updates separately.

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