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Xpenology in Mediasmart EX495 stopped booting


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I was wondering if anyone with an EX495 has run into this issue. I had installed the latest synology software in my HP media smart EX495 with 4 - 2TB hard drives in SHR configuration and everything worked fine. Then I upgraded Disk 1 to a 4TB hard drive. This went without issue and it finished repairing the raid array. After it was done the next day, I went ahead and removed Disk 2. I shut down the NAS and I inserted another 4TB hard drive of the same manufacturer. Then after turning it back on, it just sits there with a blue blinking health light where as before it used to blink blue and red when it was working.


I removed all the hard drives and tested just booting another spare drive and it started right up. I was able to detect the NAS using synology assistant. Then it wanted to install the DSM software and I stopped at this point. I reinserted all the drives in the correct order and tried to boot up but it gets stalled again.


I also tried to remove all these drives and do a file recovery in linux but unfortunately it was unable to find the raid array.


I'm hoping anyone can help me with this and recover my files?


Edit: Is it possible to also move these disks to a new machine? Can I take an unused PC and boot up from a USB key like I've been doing with the media smart?

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Hey.I bought HP EX495. How You to run Xpenology the first time? Where have any memory on the USB? Where is a usb slot?


Basically you would follow this procedure found in the link below. All I had to do was download the XPEnoboot, made a bootable usb drive, insert into the last USB port in the back of the unit, download and install synology assistant, have a new drive in the EX495, turn on the unit and wait 10 to 20 seconds and use synology assistant to scan over the network. Once it's scanned, it'll download the firmware and install it into the unit.



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