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Crashed disk


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Hi all,

1 of my 4 disks just crashed, i can't get any info, no status, no smart, nothing.



I quickly made an backup to an external server.

Is there a way to test if the disk is really dead? Or if it just was a hick-up?

Shall i shutdown Xpenology until the new disk arrives?

Ty in advance.

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I had a similar situation recently which I think was a loose SATA data or power lead and the disk dropped off the controller and crashed the volume. I removed the disk, ran it through hdat2, which said it was ok. I deleted the DSM partitions using a Windows PC, reinstalled the disk and let the raid rebuild and it was ok. You could just try a reboot first and make sure the disk is 'seen' in the BIOS, if yes then use DSM and run an extended smart test before you rebuild the array. System logs might also tell you if there was a disk i/o problem too.

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