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Installing and running DSM on mirror of 2x 2TB disks


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I had a synology DS212+ but after using it a while i wanted something more powerfull and be able to run other VM's on the same machine.

As synology does not support runnung VM's on a DS, I assembled a power effecient machine myself:


- Gigabyte GA Z87-D3HP

- Intel i5 4570S

- Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x8GB DDR3 1600 C9 LowP

- Seasonic 400W PSU P-400 Fanless PLATINUM

- Fractal Design Node 605


I installed Windows Server 2008 R2 on this machine. Now the next step is to run a VM with DSM on it. I would like to use VMware Workstation because I have a full icense for this but I've read this will not be possible or easy. I'm willing to run this in VirtualBox or something else if necessary.


The 2 2TB disks I have come straight out of my old DS so everything is stil on the disks. The disks were in synology SHR (mirror).


I would like to know the following things:


- Is it possible to start a VM, passthrough the disks and run the VM so I don't have to install DSM and keeping all my files?

- I don't think the above will be easy.. So the main goal is to run a VM with DSM but run everything on the 2 physical 2TB disks in mirror.

- Do I have to set up the mirror on machine itself or is a passthrough of the 2 disks to the VM sufficient so DSM will set up the mirror.

- What virtualization soft would you recommend? VirtualBox, VMware, ...

- Is there a good manual for the things I want to do?


Thanks in advance,


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