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Read only SSD cache not filled after reboot


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Yes, see this movie for more information:

SSD Cache tip #1, don't kill the power!


I was doing some electrical work on the house and shut off the breaker for the circuit I was working on. I didn't know that same breaker also ran power to my office and that shut off the Synology disk station and SSD cache.


The SSD memory is of course non-volatile, but the ~1GB of system RAM used to index into that cache is volatile. So upon powering back up, I found the SSD cache usage had reset back to 0%. The cache itself was still there and working, just that all the previously cached data had been lost.


I didn't lose any data off the DiskStation, no errors reported aside from the notification of an improper shut down. If you do a proper shut down, the cache index data is saved to the hard drives and is restored upon powering back up.


Time to start designing a backup power system for that NAS.

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Exactly. It didn't lose power at all. I just rebooted from within DSM. I also tested it (after building the cache a bit) with a proper shutdown and powered it back on and it still cleared it.


I assume then this isn't supposed to happen?


Tested it with XPEnoboot 5.2-5592.2 and 5.2-5644.4.

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