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PCI TV Card on Synology?


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I just recently migrated from ubuntu server to synology and the only thing missing is tvheadend with my TV card WinTV-HVR1700 (Well supported in linux). But I just cant for the life of me get it to show up / working where as ubuntu it was pretty much plug and play. This is a PCI Express card, I guess this is the issue? If so, is there an easy way I can rectify this? Do i need to recompile the drivers? if so could someone please give me some pointers as building drivers from source is strange land for me (although i have had built other applications from source, I seem to struggle with all the guides about cross compilation for modules). Thanks


EDIT: I Forgot to mention i am running DS3612 - 4.1 2668++ 1.3a.

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There is a tutorial of setting it up IF the kernel has the module required. I highly doubt that even our modified kernels have it, so recompile the 2668++ kernel source with the original config, but change the following option:


to m (it should not be set by default)


After this, get the cx23885.ko module, copy it to /lib/modules/whateverkernelpathitis/ and modprobe it. In theory it should work, to the part where you need the firmwares to start the device.

So, read this tutorial: http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/H ... V-HVR-1700

Hopefully it is helpful enough!

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