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XPEnology on Raspberry Pi?


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Hi, no you can't

DSM we are using it's only X86 code and it's' very hard to port on ARM, bootloader like xpenology works only in x86 mode, for arm mode there isn't any bootloader who works in different hardware.

Using last model of RASP i think it's not a good idea because you don't have any sata port and you need to modify code to install operating system on usb key.

If you would use rasp like Media center, use Kodi

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Simply said, in its current status, it can not be run on a RasPi.


However unlike many stated before, it is NOT impossible. Currently XPEnology uses an x86 version of Grub, and an x86 base system for the hack to make it work.


For it to work on an ARM based system, you have to do three steps:

- Create an ARM bootable base (easiest, pretty much)

- Modify an ARM Synology image to counter their anti-cracking methods (it is quite well documented on the forums if you look for it)

- Keep it up to date

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