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Volume and DSM 6 problem!


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Hello to all,


I recently discovered xpenology and I find it a fantastic project! But I have a volume hard disk problem and i don't find a solution!! :oops:




Mac mini i5 with OS Capitan, virtualized DSM with VirtualBox. ISO 5644 is the basis on which I was able to install the Beta 6 DSM :twisted: (fantastic)

Everything works perfectly, I access from outside of my network via port forwarding but ....


When I try to install any package, it say that there are no volumes and asks me to create one. :?:

In storage manager, in overview, i can see the disk (where is installed DSM) of 8 Gb, but i can't use it for download package!


But if I press on volume says "There are no volumes in the system," I press create, and any settings fails to create the volume.

If i add a new virtual hard disk (VMDK of 8 Gb for example) it compare in the overview, but in the volume same problem...i can't format!


Maybe something wrong in creating the virtual hard disk?


Please help me..

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