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Awesome new Beta 6 features


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Looking at the Changelog for beta 2, some nice things i noticed:

  • The integration of Let’s Encrypt helps provide your Synology NAS with secure connection easily and effortlessly.
  • Multiple certificates are now supported to increase the flexibility for hosting several different hostnames.
  • Multiple files can be downloaded without being compressed into one giant file on Chrome browser (on Windows computers only)
  • DSM can now serve as a reverse proxy server

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It is possible to have multiple hostnames with ssl certificate even now with DSM 5.X. Also reverse proxying is working, at least did for me before upgrade to 5592.x. But i like letsencrypt addition.


Nice addition in DSM 6 is mail station plus, but if i understood it wont be free to use.

Support for many many file formats is great.

Virtualization, but it also wont be free as i know.

Cloud sync with option backup.

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