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Any Surveillance users out there?


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I've been looking at getting a couple cameras and setting up Surveillance Station. Wondering if anyone had some feedback/experiences with cameras and features.

I wanted to get something along the lines of a Ring Doorbell (ring.com) or similar, but none of the smart doorbells out there are offering nas/local storage. I wanted to see if I could have something similar with a motion detection 2 way audio ip camera.

Looking at the features of Surveillance Station and DS cam, it looks like audio is supported through the app, not sure how good it would be at notifying when someone is at the door and having enough time to respond.

Has any used any of the audio features with the Android app (DS Cam) and Surveillance station?

Does anyone have any camera (or door phone) recommendations that would work with XPEnology?

Also considering installing OpenHAB on XPEnology (https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki ... y-and-QNAP) for some home automation and security experimentation (IFTTT etc).


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