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Photo Station paths automatically set to USB HDD boot ??


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xpenology're using is really useful to me.




I was wondering about the photo station.


Check the default path "/ volume1 / photo"


I want to change this path to my usb hdd.


So Come to the search.


"Mount --bind / volumeUSB2 / usbshare / volume1 / photo"


Try running the above, as did that.




After the problem was rebooted.


After the reboot, Reset


Having lived more Search


1. / etc / rc modified


2. /etc/rc.local mount after creation.




There are two ways to the top


It did not properly recognized.


When you check in a file stations '/ photo' folder, there was nothing.


Maybe that way I haneungeo only works when the same volume.




Is there not a volume to be mounted 1 'usb volume?


Please help me

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