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Cannot access DSM after synology time backup plugin install


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Hi I was trying to install the synology time backup plugin, everything was working fine but the plugin didn´t installed and it froze my server, when rebooting the server I cannot access dsm, the server responds to ping and DSM manager says in status ready, I have tried the upgrade install option but nothing I simply can´t access my nas I only have the terminal display saying login on the machine where I can login I don´t know how to reset everyhting from there.


Can anyone help me?



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Known issues with the current boot loader.


I reverted to the 5592.2 bootloader without changing DSM and it worked. I removed time backup after boot and went back to the most current image.


@doggy101 : Do what bglf83 said.


The TimeBackup issue is fixed in the dev version which will be release soon.

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