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HP GEN10 X3216 and DSM 6.2.3 - error 13


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Hello everyone,


I come to you because i tried everything else and i'm desperate :-(


My config :

HP MicroServer Gen10 with AMD Opteron X3216

Bootloader : Jun's 1.04b with DS918+ (serial from DS916+ since there is not generator for 918+)

Boot mode : I tried both "UEFI with CSM" and "Legacy only", exact same result.


My problem : HP boot correctly from USB flashdrive on Jun's BareMetal DS918+

I launch Synology assistant = OK DS918+ detected

I select the PAT file, installation begin and progress fast (too fast actually..) and..................ERROR 13 the file is probably corrupted.

In details, i can see that :

With PAT file DSM_DS918+_24922 No format system AND data partition (see screenshot, error 21)
With PAT file DSM_DS918+_23739 No format system AND data partition, error 21
With PAT file DSM_DS918+_25426 Format system partition OK but no format data partition, error 21


I tried several HDD. the problem is not there.

I verified VID and PID, those are OK.


I tried DS3615xs and 3617xs, no detection in Synology assistant or find.synology.com


i never had problems before with Hp Gen7 or Gen8, DS3615xs worked like a charm with Jun's 1.03b, until Gen10....


if you have some tip or test i did'nt do yet, be my guest..


(Sorry for my baby school english, it's not my primary language).






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On 10/31/2021 at 7:43 AM, Pandadoo said:



Restart from scratch with :

Jun 1.03b DS3617xs

Pat file DS3617xs_25426


I still got part 3 (format data partition) in grey BUT installation goes well and 600 sec countdown finally appears :-) 

Reboot + verification = OK i'm in DSM !

What's your boot mode with it? UEFI or Legacy?

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