HP Agentless Management Service (AMS)

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1. DSM : DSM 6.2.3-25426 (Update3) for DS3617

2. Boot loader : Jun 1.03b

3. H/W : HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus (Xeon E-2236) with iLO5


I want to install HP Agentless Management Service (AMS).

Please let me know how can I use the AMS for my HPE server. Is it possible?




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On 10/30/2021 at 9:07 PM, scoobdriver said:


4saG SPK Server webpage has HP-AMS spk that works for me on HPE Microserver


Edit - Just noticed yours is ILO 5 and mine is ILO 4 , not sure if that makes a difference ?? 

Thanks for your feedback. I've installed "hp_ams_5.2_2.5.0-1.spk" successfully, but it's not working. My system can not start this app.

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Are you sure its not working ? 


I ran the spk and rebooted , however I believe it just adds the .ko 's and insmods them . 


The package shows as stopped in package manager for me, but it is working and when I log in to the ILO I get the OS information , Hardware inventory etc. 


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