Problems reaching servers with DDNS

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Hi everyone, since this morning I have problems reaching the server from the DDNS someone else has the same problems ??? It gives me that it is impossible to connect to the server, verify the connection, luckily I also registered a DDNS at and for now I use that but I don't understand why the first one doesn't work anymore. Thanks

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Here I have the same problem:
DDNS provider was configured on XPEnology DS3615xs with V1.03b bootloader
(Actually, it is still configured and working)
When through the "Control Panel" I go to the "Remote Access" tab - I see: "It is impossible to connect to the server. Check the server's network connection)
Meanwhile, DDNS performs its function.
What did I do:
1. Followed instructions from Synology.
2. Deleted and re-created the DDNS function (from a) with the same settings, b) with the settings of another account
Nothing changes!
Meanwhile, if I connect a function from the provider, then everything is correct and displayed and works.

I also have a legal NAS Synology.
So on legal - the service works without errors. (Same settings)
Advise - in which direction to dig? Can I somehow clean the cache on XPEnology? Or something else to do?
Thanks in advance.

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Yes hi it's the same problem as me, at the beginning nothing worked, I didn't reach the server and all the services (connected with that DDNS) today still gives me an error but all the services work


then I try your solution

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1 hour ago, gery80 said:

Hallo Habe das gleiche Problem. Ich habe mich jetzt per SSH verbunden und bin leider der Anleitung erfolglos gefolgt. Was könnte ich noch versuchen?

Vielen Dank

ok now it worked thanks!

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