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Volume Crashed 5644


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Hi. I also had some problems like you. Because of that I am waiting around one month to finish building my server and clean up our living room :grin: .


Strange thing is that I can connect maximum 6 drives by pci sata controller / when I connect one or more hdds there is always some other drives missing on the dsm list / but they are seen normally in bios. By that time 2 hdds has crashed and I had to copy data so many times that I dont really know where everything is :grin:


Can you see smart info of your disks ? ( f.ex I can only see it when hdds are connected dirrectly to mainboard.)

In smart report I saw that system was trying to start drives 2 times without luck. After that they were marked as crashed and reed only disks. I removed both drives that had this problem and now they work fine in my pc after couple checks.

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