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Add existing Xpenology drive to new Xpenology NAS


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My setup is as follows:


Xpenology 1 (DSM 5.2)

2X500GB HDD running in RAID


Xpenology 2 (DSM 5.1)



I want to simply remove my 3TB HDD from "Xpenology 2" and then install it into "Xpenology 1" while keeping all my files intact.

Will "Xpenology 1" recognise this HDD and allow me to access all of my files?


Thanks for your help :smile:

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this is 'risky' so you should take a backup of your data on the 3tb drive first :smile:


my experience of moving disks between DSM servers (both XPE and real Syno boxes) is that the drive that is moved will appear as a new volume '+1' to your existing volumes eg if you have Vol1 and Vol2 the moved drive will appear as Vol3.


assuming the 2*500 system is 'XPE1'

and the 3tb system is 'XPE2'


I would;

backup data on XPE2

upgrade DSM version on XPE2 to match XPE1

remove all apps/packages and default system folders (music/photo etc) or duplicate named folders on XPE2

make sure user accounts/passwords are the same on both XPE1 and XPE2

also make sure the 3tb drive is on the lowest priority boot sata port, so that the DSM on XPE1 disk is read for the configuration.


if after booting the unit comes up with 'XPE1' name in Assistant then it will probably be fine and you will probably find '+1' volume in Storage Manager. The system partition on the 3tb drive might need repairing.

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