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Does anyone know of an xPenology box that's seen by Windows as a NAS?



I have a Synology DS1513+ running DSM 7.0.1-42214, that my Windows 11 system sees as a NAS:

Manufacturer:            Synology Inc



Model:                        DS1513+



Windows also shows the devices Serial Number; MAC address; Unique identifier; and local ip address.

I also have an xPenology server running DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3which Windows 11 simply sees as a Plex Media Server (admittedly the NAS is running Plex (as is also the DS1513+).  I am also aware that a Qnap NAS is also identified by Windows as a NAS device; and I think other genuine manufactured devices NAS are similarly identified by Windows.

My xPenology NAS is only identified by Windows by the Plex version (as Model number); with Serial number unavailable.  Unique identifier, MAC address and IP address are identified by Windows.

My question is, has anyone managed to get their xpenology NAS recognised by Windows as a NAS device.  I certainly have no issues connecting with either NAS across the network.  But I would dearly like to find a way of getting Windows to recognise the xpenology device as a NAS - particularly for the purposes of software apps specifically aimed at NAS devices on the network, as distinct from network ip addresses.




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