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i would like to install xpenology (newest Version) on my Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 (32GB Ram, Xeon E3-1220v2) with a 10Gbit ASUS XG-C100C Card inside


i have try 918+ , 3615xs , 3617xs

but the 10Gbit Card will not work...

I need a little bit of help please ....

i have no idea what i can do..


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PCI id for this card is 1d6a:d107


This is an Aquantia card and is supported by native/Jun drivers on DS3615xs and DS3617xs.

This driver is NOT in DS918+ unless you were able to add it via extra.lzma


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ok...i must change the Hardware :(

the Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 Main PowerUnit was broken last night)

The New Hardware (AMD Ryzen 1700x , 165GB RAM , MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Mainboard)


i have started with the ASUS NetworkCard and the Disks and the USB BootStick from the Fujitsu and it will work fine 😁

...but i have one problem.... my 2 nvme Drives on the Mainboard will not detected from the DSM :(


(installed DSM version )




any Solution ?

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