A bit of info on the Synology 2022 lineup.

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My apologies if this has been posted before, I looked but could not find anything. 


Taken from here: 






A successor to the great DS3617xs and 3617xsII, the new 12-bay 3622xs+ comes as a great step up to those two devices.
Powered by Intel Xeon D-1531 6-core 2.2/2.7Ghz CPU this model now comes with dual 10Gbit 10GBASE-T ports as well! Finally!
The rest of the specs are the same as the current 3617xsII model, and as well, comes with a 5y warranty.
Hard disk compatibility is still a question considering this is a DS model, but being from the XS+ lineup, chances are that Synology brand HDDs/SSDs will be required.


Another follow-up model to the current DS2419+ is the new 12-bay DS2422+. Regarding specs, it is equipped with the familiar AMD Ryzen V1500B CPU and supports up to 32GB of RAM. This model does not have any 10Gbit LAN ports by default but comes with standard 4x1Gb LAN interfaces. Still, it has a PCI Gen 3 x8 slot that will allow for expansion cards, including 10G if you need it.
This model comes with a 3y warranty that can be extended to a 5y model.


This is the new 12-bay expansion unit compatible with both DS3622xs+ and DS2422+




So overall not a whole news I think - basically they are reusing the 3617 with 10GBe support. 


I wish they would throw 10Gbit in their boxes - Most new consumer motherboards etc are starting to come with 2,5Gbit, so its a shame that Synology are dragging their feet on this i reckon. 


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