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How to Use RADIUS Package?


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I'm getting nowhere on the Synology forums and was hoping to have some luck here ...


Does anyone know how to setup the official RADIUS package for use with wireless WPA2-Enterprise? My base understanding is that you'll need to authenticate your mobile clients with the local user list from the DS. However, there's about half a dozen options on my wireless clients (android and iOS) that do not clearly lead them to what I need to input. I've only been able to get as far as specifying my WAP IP in the Synology Radius package and then connecting my WAP to the RADIUS with the passcode. However, there is nothing else to configure from then on out. In my mobile devices, I'm a bit lost.


Many thanks in advance!

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Actually, my wifi AP and router are separate. But I don't think it matters too much ....


Synology RADIUS <---> Netgear WG102 <---> WiFi clients.


Step 1: In Synology RADIUS, I have set the IP of the WAP and passcode.

Step 2: In the WAP, it asks only for the RADIUS server IP and passcode from step 1, which I have input

Step 3: In my Android/iphone device, it asks for the following information, which I do not have:


In my Android device, it asks for a bunch of things:


1) security certificate (imported from DS)

2) authentication type: EAP/TLS/SSL/STLS/PWD (I have no idea which to use)

2) identity (what is this?)


At home, I have a similar setup, but do use DD-WRT. Is this any easier to setup?


Synology RADIUS <---> DD-WRT Router <---> WiFi Clients

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