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LF New Build with ECC Support


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Want to update my server so thinking of a new build.

Would prefer ECC memory support, but cant seem to find any Intel motherboards that support it.
But I just read that the last few Intel Gen CPUs dont support ECC unless you buy the Xeons.

Not sure about AMD, read that their CPUs and hopefully motherboards do support ECC.


Any suggestions on motherboards and CPUs?
Dont want to go too expensive, but am thinking about adding 10Gb network port.

Though I see a big majority of people using non-ECC memory.
I know its cheaper but arent you afraid of losing your data if something happens?

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If you want ECC, the mandatory part is the CPU. then if CPU is ECC compatible, you have to find matching motherboard ECC capable.


So yes, except a very few, most of intel CPUs ECC capable are Xeon.




Edit : You can filter on Intel Core :


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