Redpill - extension driver/modules request

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16 hours ago, Hackaro said:

Thanks for the reply, @pocopico. My primary intention is to go with bare metal machine, with the hardware you can see in my signature. Indeed I will make some tests before upgrading my RAID disks!

Now, after creating the .img file, I've installed it onto an USB stick with this command:


sudo dd if=redpill-DS918+_7.0.1-42218_b1637771683.img of=/dev/sdb


where /sdb is my USB stick's dos partition. 


In this way I should create a bootable USB stick, shouldn't I?


Second question: at the moment I've used the simplest apollo lake_user_config.json possible for testing under VMware: 


  "extra_cmdline": {
    "vid": "0x46f4",
    "pid": "0x0001",
    "sn": "xxxxxxxxx",
    "mac1": "xxxxxxxxxx"
  "synoinfo": {},
  "ramdisk_copy": {}


for having the full functionalities of a 918+ from an hardware point of view, should I add something? You already taught me to add compiled drivers for my network card, do I need something else? At moment my xpeno_918 gives me 16 SATA ports (even if I really have only 8 on the mobo) and 2 cache NVMe drives. Do I need to modify the config.json to add something else which is present in my real machine? 





Before starting the migration to Redpill 7.0.1 i suggest you make a backup of the current loader and the grub settings of the current loader. Then you should define the absolute minimum drivers/extensions you need to have for your configuration. E.g. Network card, SATA/SAS card etc. Create the loader and boot without your current disks and test the loader for some time before you migrate. Backup all your data to be safe and then if you are satisfied by the tests, migrate.


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