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[Question] How to automatically load a driver (insmod)?


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Hello everyone,


I am struggling with a proplem.

In the /lib/modules/ folders there is a mpt3sas.ko

This is the driver file for my HBA (LSI 9300 8i)


I can SSH into my box and load it manually via: insmod /lib/modules/mpt3sas.ko

But apparantly I am too stupid to find a way to automatically load the ko file during the boot up sequence.


Can anybody help?


If its important: I am running my box on ESXi 6.0 with the controller passed through.

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The mpt3sas will be automatically load at boot in next release.


You can easily edit /etc/rc.local and add your insmod command to load the mtp3sas.ok module :wink:


Thank you very much @Trantor


Sorry for not telling right away what kind of newbie I am:


So I browsed for the rc.local file, but there isn't any :sad:


Can I just create one?

Or do I have to follow a special procedure?


something like (I googled this but it is made for Fedora)

su -

(root password)

touch /etc/rc.local

chmod +x /etc/rc.local

(add the insmod)


systemctl enable rc-local.service



And what content does the rc.local need to have?

Is it sufficient to just have:



# Copyright © 2000-2014 Synology Inc. All rights reserved.


insmod /lib/modules/mpt3sas.ko




Does this file needs to be in etc only or in etc.defaults too?


Thank you

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