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DHCP Lookup Failed



For the last 3-4 days the Chromebooks have been unable to connect to the GoPiGos’ wifi networks. The “fail DHCP lookup” any ideas?
Anyway, has anyone seen this issue? I have my sifter out ready to sift through the usual responses for the gem I need.

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Hi James54, you are having trouble with DHCP Lookup. To fix DHCP Lookup failed error you need to use Google names servers by going on your Chromebook, press on the Notifications menu, and tap on the Gear icon to open the Settings. You can now go down and search the option of the Network section. Follow https://appuals.com/dhcp-lookup-failed-in-chromebook/ this link to find more solutions now. After that, press on Wi-Fi to open the Settings menu for Wireless Connections and tap on the arrow beside the name of your Wi-Fi connection. In the end, you can launch the Name Servers drop-down menu and choose the option of Google Name Servers. We hope by following this step, users would be able to resolve this issue.

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