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Boot USB not starting DSM properly....


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Hi all,


Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.


I was trying to upgrade my Xpen box. I ran into some troubles...


One that I cannot seem to get around is that my USB drive that I use for boot on my bare metal system doesn't seem to work properly. If I set up the image on another USB it works fine, but just this USB (a Sandisk Fit) doesn't seem to want to boot properly.


It all looks fine in the boots stage, but when I try to log into DSM it can't find the IP. My Modem doesn't see it either. Also the same thing happens when I go through the upgrade process, Synology Assistant can't see it either.


Like I said if I go through the same process with another USB it works fine, but the Sandisk Fit is the right size and I just would like to solve this problem, as far as it challenges me. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


Thanks in advance,

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