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Xpenology Performance on ESXI


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I am setting up xpenology under ESXi6 on a Dell r410 server that comes with a pretty good RAID controller. The question is should I pass on the disks as raw disks to be managed by Synology or should I create a virtual disk managed by the RAID hardware and passed on to Synology.

Does anyone have experience with this question? I think it's a crucial difference in performance.

Many thanks for your thoughts.





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Greetings, I have exactly the same question.

My set up is using HP ML10 V2. Currently using the RAID controller and created a RAID0 with 4 disks. It's passed onto DSM as 1 big disk.

Would a different set up of passing 4 raw disks into DSM and set up RAID array there make more sense?

I have also tried link aggregation tying the 2 NICs on ML10 V2 as a "team" to my phsycial DS412+ "bonded" networks. I don't see any performance improvements.

Any thoughts will be helpful! Thanks guys!!!

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Another option is to buy a cheap, but supported by Xpenology, SATA controller like this...


http://www.dx.com/p/iocrest-marvell-88s ... een-282997


...and use VMDirectPath I/O to hand control of the adapter (and all it's disks) directly to the Xpenology VM. This avoids the need to spend $$$ on an HBA on the supported HW list for ESXi.


More about VMDirectPath I/O here: https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/searc ... Id=2142307

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