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Recent DSM x64 with SSD Caching


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I just built a NAS and ready to deploy DSM on it (without virtualization).


I have a 32GB SSD plugged and was planned to use is as SSD cache if I can. So I'm looking for a DSM pack that has SSD Caching and targeting x64 as I have 8GB of memory (I know it's a lot but it was cheap :razz:).


I'm surprised to not being able to find any repack that can support this. There is only one I find from odie82544 but it's a 32bits version :shock:


I spent hours looking for it and stuck here, please give me some advise


Kind regards

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SSD Caching as it is currently implemented with Synology is simply a read cache - often used data is copied to the ssd so it can be delivered faster.

Other systems (ZFS) can use SSDs for read and write caching... so i still hope the Synology will adjust one day;)

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