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DSM918 6.2 with 1.04b VMM synoboot is not booting in VirtualMaschineManager



I have installed 1.04b Loader DSM 918 on my Asus 87iplus MB

in VirtualmaschineManager when i a set a VM for XPE with  Loader 1.02b -1.04b 

i cant found no XPE in my Network only the host.


Before i have 1.02b on this Maschine or 1.03 on en other Maschine  installed and with the same setting same Diskimage or ova etc i can found all XPE in my Network.


My question do you know what can be the issue that my Virtualmaschine XPE with loader 1.02b - 1.04 not is working anymore when i have setup my XPE Host with 1.04b??


(The Reason for this i use 1.04b is DSM 6.2 because with 1.03b i cant found my Maschine in the network /  with 1.02b my Maschine is also working but only to DSM 6.1

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yes i have setup the same mac adresse in the Vm as i have in the grub.cfg also tested with different MAC Adress.

this evening i will reward to 1.02b and test.

The other strange thing that i have my MB Asus 87iplus is booting with 1..03 B in legacy mode und uefi mode but i cant found my Maschine in the network with 1.02b and with 1.04 it is working.


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I have deleted the server installed 1.02b 3615 and 3617 VMM all loader are working in VMM 1.02b 1.03 and 1.04b -->doing the upgrade with 1.04 918 on baremetall and tada in VMM all XPE i cant see in the network / with 1.02b i can see all XPE in VMM the same virtual Maschine that i have before with 1.02b loader.


For me the best is install with 1.03b but i have doing a lot of things i cant see my Asus87iplus in the network with the loader 1.03b😭 i hate ASUS Bios the loader is booting with uefi and legacy with boot override but i cant see my system in the network with loader 1.03b.


Could you  help me that my system works with 1.03b ??

System :

Asus 87iplus





Intel X520-DA2


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