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move datastore


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I´ve got an HP Gen8 with this installation:

- ESXI installed on a 4Gb USB Pendrive

- 320Gb (7200rpm) drive where I have my datastore and VMs

- Debian. Lamp server (Port 80). Also OwnCloud (Data stored on my XPnology)

- Linux Mint. Django app server. Port 8000 (Can´t use 80 because it's used by debian vm

- XPnology. port 5001


And then I have some hard drive assigned to XPnology (pass throught):

- 2Tb WD Green (my files, time machine... synology app-s are installed there)

- 3Tb WD Red (Downloads, movies, tv shows...)



Now I bought a WD 5Tb disk and I want to rebuild my set up. I was thinking removing the 320Gb drive, witch is the noisiest.

Removing this drive, I need a new datastore.. witch disk should I use? the 5tb disk? or Is it worth buying a SSD? would I see any improvement?


Anyway, how should I procceed to remove my current datastore and move everything to the new without any data lost?


Any help or advice?

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