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New hard-drive disappear from Linux host after VM boot


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First, my setup: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 with loader 1.04b DS918+ running as a KVM/QEMU VM on Ubuntu 20.04 host.

Hard drives are individually passed through to the VM.

I'm running Xpenology in this setup since 6 years.


A few months ago I bought a new 6TB WD Red Plus hard-drive to have a second volume. I already had two 3 TB drives I had in a Raid 1 array from 6 six years ago as my main volume.

When I initialized the new drive I first chose to format it using SHR array with BTRFS.

I then tried to move some shared folders from old volume to the new one.

A few minutes going on in that process the move would fail and the VM would get suspended.

In fact, the new drive would not only disappear from the VM but also from the Linux host!


I tried to do a long SMART test and other disk check from the host and everything seemed normal.


So I decided to reformat the drive and instead use regular RAID 1 as I had on the other volume.

Partitioning in Raid 1 seemed to have done the trick as I was then able to move the shared folder to the new volume on the 6TB drive.

This seems to have worked since then for many months.


Last week I then decided to move another shared folder to that 6 TB drive.

Again that failed and the disk again disappeared from the host.

Worst, now if I try to boot Xpenology with that 6TB drive associated to the VM, in a matter of minutes the VM will get suspended and the drive will again disappear from the host.


Is it the drive?

As I said, from the host everything looked ok and it even worked ok for a few months.


I'm clueless.

Any idea on how to resolve this or just to diagnose the real culprit.

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