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Mimic DS920+


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Just found this project and site.
I have looked at several free linux based NAS applications and i havent really found something that works for me.
Today i have an old Netgear NAS with outdated hardware.

So i thought that Synology have decent NAS. I found the DS920+ that i liked but the price was not fun.
I like to customize my hardware.

So.. i thought that maybe a ESXi server and XPEnology as a VM could be a really good match.
Then i can put on a couple of other VM's too.

I like with DS920+ that it feature 2 cache SSD if you want. 4GB DDR4, 2ghz 4 core, eSATA, 2x1gb LAN, usb 3, AES-NI

I read some posts on this forum and it seems that XPEnology are really picky about hardware. You cant use whatver you want.
If i want to mimic the DS920+ what hardware do i want to look into? Somone of the recommended "known good" on this site that has been mentioned?

I want to run DSM 7.0 also because it has a lot of new good features and bugfixes.

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