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Experience in using 1.04b for DS918+ on an Asus P8P67 Deluxe with X540-T2 ?


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Hi, as you can see in the titel I'm using an old Asus Sandy Bridge board and I'm very succesfull and stabel running 1.03b as DS3615xs.


At the moment I'm thinking about finding a way on adding a SSD cache to increase the read/write speed of my NAS.


As I understood I have to switch to loader DS918+ to get access to the cache option.


Does anbody know if it's possible to get that working with my current old hardware?  





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i think all is loading faster and with 10Gbit i have nearly with old 4x 6TB wd red HDD in Raid 0 700MB read and write over  SMB / Virtual Maschine are running smoother.

BUT i think its better when you as example the SSD set as volume1 with btrfs and install all Apps / Dockers / Virtualmaschine etc to the SSD / and set your HDD for the  volume2 as Datastore.


for 1.03B with DSM 6.2 is my experience that 3617 is faster as 3615.


BTW which CPU do you exactly have when this is haswell or newer i would go with the loader 1.04b and DS 918+


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That is great speeds! 


I am using 4x3TB WD Red's and for larger files it's around 500mb/sec. I hope to avoid the speed drops when using ssd cache, especially for smaller files.  


To be honest I am using my Xpnology almost only as data storage for my 4k footage and some other data. I don't have the need to run dockers or apps on it. Even don't run it 24/7.


Thanks a lot for your recommendation but I think I will check out the ssd cache configuration first and see if it will convince me. 


I am using a Sandy Bridge i5-2300.



can you explain what exactly does feel faster with 3617?


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