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How to downgrade from 5.2-5644


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I’ll take no responsibility for any loss of data or any other problem caused by following this tutorial.



Reinstall DSM (eg 5.2-5592) without losing the data on Volume:


01. Enable SSH if it`s not & connect to SYNOLOGY

02. Open & edit the file \etc.defaults\VERSION

03. Exchange the data with one of previous ver.:



04. Save & Exit

05. Restart Synology

06. Launch Synology Assistant

07. Click 'Search'

08. If you've done everything correctly you'll see a new 'DiskStation' has been found.

09. Disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer for this next step

10. Right-click the new 'DiskStation' and choose 'Install'

11. Browse and select the same version (5.2-5592.pat) which U already running

12. Choose a Name for the DiskStation, a new default admin password and IP configuration

13. After installation is complete the DiskStation will reboot automatically.

14. Power it OFF manually now

15. Isert the same USB Flash drive (5.2-5592.img) back into PC

16. Power on PC & DSM will boot normally

17. In Synology Assistant click 'Search' again

18. Depending on the name and network config you chose during installation you will see now a DiskStation has been found with the NAME you chose.

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