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Hello dear forum,


i am not an expert in NAS equipment and i am therefore looking for your advice.

Here are my requirements for the XPEnology NAS Server:

- store large amount of files / back-up photos

- stream movies to mobile devices, even 4k

- record camera footage from the house

I was looking into the Dell Poweredge T320 as it has the hot swap drives and is already a server. As I am lacking the know-how I am looking to this forum to guide me in a good setup for my requirements. The Dell Poweredge T320 can be obtained at around 350€ for the HW wo the drives, so this is how much I would like to spend to cover the above mentioned req. looking forward to your input ;)

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Consider the hardware platforms that are being used for the emulated platforms.


DS918+ = Apollo Lake - i.e. J41xx/42xx/5xxx and RealTek NIC

DS3615xs = Bromolow - i.e. Haswell and Intel NIC

DS3617xs = Broadwell - i.e. close cousin to Skylake and Intel NIC


Choosing something close to these platforms has the greatest chance of success.  Going AMD makes things more complicated, and the latest desktop platform often has issues with NIC support.  If you are willing to virtualize, you have much more flexibility with hardware.


Also, look in the forums to see what others are successfully using.  There is a lot of historical information there.



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