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Compatibility of NICs choices



Hi everyone, currently I'm running DSM 6.1.7-15284 on my baremetal machine with Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 4GBs of RAM and a mix of Hard Drives in JBOD Raid. I'm currently following the development of RedPill closely and was wondering the compatibility of this specific Intel NIC - 39Y6128 IBM Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port. As my onboard ethernet is an RTL8111/8168/8411 PCIe (Linux Driver r8169) and since Xpenology is super picky with network cards I haven't been able to update to any 6.2.x as none of the bootloader works and pulls an IP from my router DHCP's server. (From my logs in Synology itself, it looks like it booted but since it can't get an IP, I can't set it up obviously.) Also my system only works with MBR partition which also requires a specially patched Synology bootloader image for it to be able to work with the drives plugged in. And since RedPill is also entering beta phase super soon, was wondering if it was possible for me to somewhat(?) future proof with an Intel NIC, or even better just start using Proxmox and split my CPU and RAM into Xpenology leaving with more options and tweakability outside of the host machine. Appreciate any advices. 

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9 hours ago, flyride said:

Not going to speak to RedPill driver support when it's not even out of alpha, but....


r8169 support is in the skge driver which is native to DS3615xs.  Not sure what rev your silicon is but it also might be updated by extra.lzma.

I tried updating new images like 6.2 with MBR support with the custom lzma from IG-88 but still no dice, I get an amber light on my LAN whereas it should be green indicating a gigabit connection unfortunately. 

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