Installation vanished after moving the boot device from USB to internal SATA

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Hi friends,

I installed XPEnology on an HP T610, booting from an external USB stick and having an external USB HDD as main drive.

But as in the PC there was a small (16GB) SATA SSD, I just coppied under OSX the USB drive (all partitions) to the SATA drive.

As a result, when I boot, I end up at the initial installation screen, the Disk station seems to be in a "not yet installed" stage. And when I try to reinstall, an error comes, that the drive cannot be formated. 

Any ideas how to resolve?

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Neither of the storage decisions you made are well supported.


It is possible to set up a boot loader on a physical HDD/SDD, but it's not really supportable and is hacky.

It is possible to set up an external HDD/SDD in a DSM Storage Pool, but it's not really supportable and is hacky.


I would suggest that you first install DSM via XPEnology as usual (with a USB, and to an internal SATA device).  Then do some research to understand exactly what hacky things you need in order to deploy the system the way you are describing (or don't, as it will cause you problems later).

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Hi @flyride and thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately the PC that I use has place only for 2,5" drives and I do not have free drives of this size at the moment. That is why I moved forward with the external one, modifying the synoinfo.conf files on the loader. But I hardly understand, what makes the difference between a loader stored on an USB drive and one on an internal SATA drive - what makes it hacky. Nevertheless I thank you and thrust your advice :)

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