Esxi 7.0.0 (Build 15843807) Xpenology vm suddenly eros cpu at night

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for the last 2 days my Xpenology vm sends out an email about unporper reboot/shutdown , when checking the events logs in esxi it states the following 


The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine.


Vm based on DS3617XS 
HW Config of VM 


8 vCPUs


16 GB

Hard disk 1

250 GB

Hard disk 2

160 GB

Hard disk 3

1.6 TB

Hard disk 4

50 MB

Hard disk 5

2.73 TB Passtrough 3TB red drver 

Hard disk 6

2.73 TB  Passtrough 3TB red drver 

Hard disk 7

2.73 TB  Passtrough 3TB red drver 

Hard disk 8

2.73 TB  Passtrough 3TB red drver 

USB controller

USB 3.1

PCI Devices a 4port usb 3.0 controller with an usb 12tb drive as data backup drive.

This did not happen before 

I cant pinpoint what does this. 



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