Xpenology and SuperTrak EX16350/16300/8350/8300?

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Hi, did any of you bet on hardware with this SAS driver? SuperTrak EX16350/16300/8350/8300.

Is it possible? do I have to give up Xpenology?


Edit: I need this module ;(


stex.ko    v4.6.0000.4     - Promise Technology SuperTrak EX Controllers
Ven : 105A    Dev : 3360    Promise Technology, Inc.
Ven : 105A    Dev : 4302    80333 [SuperTrak EX4350]
Ven : 105A    Dev : 7250    Promise Technology, Inc.
Ven : 105A    Dev : 8350    80333 [SuperTrak EX8350/EX16350], 80331 [SuperTrak EX8300/EX16300]
Ven : 105A    Dev : 8650    81384 [SuperTrak EX SAS and SATA RAID Controller]
Ven : 105A    Dev : 8760    PM8010 [SuperTrak EX SAS and SATA 6G RAID Controller]
Ven : 105A    Dev : C350    80333 [SuperTrak EX12350]
Ven : 105A    Dev : E350    80333 [SuperTrak EX24350]



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