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1 hour ago, TSo3 said:

Hello, I saw that xpenology 7.0.1 let me sign in with synology account. Is it safe to sign in?

Thank you!

You don't need to
Synology account is for internet access and some licensing, for example for Active Backup, but it needs real mac-address and real serial number.


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most useful stuff is to use ds app on the go, while keeping the NAS under firewall. 

I think it should be a norm to NOT explosing the NAS to the internet, see QNAP ransome case.

So with quickconnect, it is much easier to keep using the DS service.

Which can only be replaced by using VPN, which is not easy in most circumstances.  Anyone has a good idea of a better implementation without quick connect?

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Register a dns name for your nas with the last really free dns service out there


open the https synology's port on your router, better remapping it (5001 ---> some strange port) or change the https port on the synology and remap that port

schedule on the synology the update of the dns record 

After you can get a let's encrypt certificate and install it on the nas.

Follow strctly point 5 and 6 of synology's suggestion for enanching nasd security


Access securely from everywhere


You don't really need to register your nas to quickconnect to access it from outside.

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You may use a domain name.

I'm doing it and using a docker container on my synology to update the DNS zone of my domain name.


Like :

syno1.mynameserver.toto > current external IP of syno1

syno2.mynameserver.toto > current external IP of syno2


It is a live DNS but without any third party service.


My domain name is handled by gandi, and I found a docker image there : https://registry.hub.docker.com/r/jbbodart/gandi-livedns/



In the record list you put any needed subdomain (syno1;movie; etc...)

I'm running the same docker image on my 2 xpenology.

First one with syno1 in recoard_list

and 2nd one with syno2 in record_list


On gandi website, in domain name zone :




docker container update the record every 10 minutes.

If IP changes, it will be updated in less than 10 minutes.


I found this docker image because I already had a gandi hosted domain name.

But there are probably some alternatives like ovh or whatever.




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