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Xpenology NAS will not shutdown

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Hi all


I have setup another machine using a Dell Presision workstation 1600 running a E31225, i have installed DSM 6.2.1-23824 update 1 DS3615xs via Juns 1.03b.


Installation went fine and i can run DSm without any iussues, the problem i am having is that when i hit shut down DSM seems to shut down (not respond) but the PC will remain running, even cheing the monitor out out pf the PC it is sitting at the prompt that it will norammly when loading but the DMS page will not come up. The get back to DSM youu have ot power off via the power button and restart.


I have tried setting up a auto power off via DSM but get the same issue the PC will not axctually power off 


Edit, even restating via DSM will not come back up


Any help will be much appreciated 

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