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Can't access DSM via own domain (reverse proxy works though)



Hi all. I'm so happy I came across this after my newly purchased a ynology died. I'm having some issues though...


I have set up a DDNS and (I think) I have all the ports forwarded correctly.


I can access the DSM via my ddns address with the port at the end of the URL.


Now I have a website and I want to use that domain to access my server. I have it sent to cloud flare nameservers with a CNAME record pointing to my DDNS address.


for some reason though, when I try to access it with the port number at the end, it just times out?? If I don't specific the port, I receive the webstation splash screen.


I can reverse proxy, and access it with just my custom domain (no port), but there's a hugeee bandwidth decrease. Downloading from fileststion is laughably slow, but if I access it via my DDNS address, it's super quick.


I have zero idea how to remedy this issue. If I could just access it with my custom domain, I'd be happy. Ideally I wouldn't have to add the port number to keep it clean (like the reverse proxy) and still have fast speeds, but not an issue if I have to specify the port.


I'm very new to networking!


Please any help would be greatly appreciated !!



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