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Having issues with a Sata PCIe card


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I've been running DSM without any issues for the last couple of weeks.

I have a i3-10100F paired with a B460M Steel Legend and a Intel 82574L NIC ( couldn't get the onboard NIC working )

I've been using jun 1.03b loader with DS3617xs with the following version 6.2.3  I have a ds-30104-1/88se9230 SATA PCIe card aswell and it works without any issues whatsoever.


Now i tried converting to a 918+ Image, but I couldn't get it to work with a drive plugged to the SATA card

The issue i have is the following:

918+ boots without any issues without the SATA card plugged in.

918+ boots without any issues with the SATA card plugged in but no drives connected to it.

918+ doesn't boot with a drive connected to the SATA card.


What I've done so far:


Tried updating the ds-30104-1 firmware using MS-DOS ( found a very old thread about it ) -> still doesn't work


What I haven't tried: 

Using any extra.lzma files

Messing with the grub.config file since I'm kinda new to this whole stuff.


Any help would be appreciated


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