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8TB HDD for Xpenology/Microserver G7


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Right now I'm using 4 WD Red 4 TB HDD. They work great, but, unfortunately, I need more :sad:


So, after some search, I have found this:

Seagate Archive HDD V2 ST8000AS0002 8TB. That is an SMR HDD, so it's speed won't be that good. But who cares? I think it will be sufficient for movie/music storage.


So, the question is:

Will it even work with Xpenology + N54L?


P.S.: I've done some search and found nothing :sad: Well, someone have successfuly used this HDD on Synology, but N54L and xpenology... I don't know :sad:

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It should work without any issues. There are folks that are using it with synology so as long as you boot of a different disk (not sure whether the bios supports 8TB) you should be just fine.

I myself am using 6TB on a G8 - I only have issues in ESXi due to the HP drivers but that's outside Synology.

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