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Allowed/blocked ip list


I have mistakenly imported some 46.000+ ips under a wrong tab (allowed ip list instead of under blocked ip list)..... 


And now there is no option in synology to delete all 46.000+ ips under a one go! 


Is there any chance to do that under a, SSH connection? 


Identical problem like here (to clarify my problem) https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/1/post/127297?page=1&sort=oldest


Tnx in advance. 

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Status update....manage to delete that list via SSH from a turitorial on internet and additional help of my IT friend... 


1) connect via SSH on your NAS 

2) login as root! (otherwise wont work)..... Sudo -i

3)  cd /etc

4) sqlite3 synoautoblock.db

5) header on

6) select * from AutoBlockIP;

7) delete from AutoBlockIP;  (it deletes BOTH allowed and blocked list) 

8.) quit


😎 restart your NAS


Thats all folks :)

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